Night Of The Living Dead (1968 USA)

Along with “Carnival of Souls” and “Dementia 13” this movie stands out as one of the definitive black-and-white horror films of the bygone drive-in movie era. Night ranks among the scariest horror films, partly for raising the bar on gore. Yet raising the bar far higher has made later horror movies far less scary. By the 1980s, horror movies were gore-splattered freak shows with expensive puppets, and now they’re freak shows with digital characters that seem to belong in video games. “Night of the Living Dead,” by contrast, looks like a very cheap documentary. One that cost a mere one hundred and twelve thousand bucks.
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Return Of The Blind Dead (1973 Portugal)

return-of-the-evil-dead-ataque-de-los-muertos-sin-ojos-1The Bad News: The old Gothic feel of the first one is pretty lost here, replaced by a fast-paced feel that still delivers shocks but doesn’t feel as overwhelmingly atmospheric as the first one felt. It also borrows elements liberally from other films, so it does have a seen-that-before element to it that the first one didn’t have. The Good News: while it has a couple of seen-it-before elements to it, this is still arguably the best film in the series. [Read more…]

The Hanging Woman (1973 Spain)

hanging-woman-3Inspired by Italian Gothic horror and Hammer movies, the film mostly benefits from its ultra-creepy set pieces and scenery: like abandoned cemeteries, sinister vaults and secret passageways in old Victorian houses. These Euro-horror trademarks in combination with a couple of provocatively depraved undertones, makes this an interesting little gem. [Read more…]


titleIf I had to compare this to other horror films, I would probably mention Jack Starrett’s “Race With The Devil”, Mario Bava’s “Planet Of The Vampires” and Kubrick’s “The Shining.” The monsters on display here are so superbly realized that they are supernatural poetry itself. [Read more…]


the_Omega_Man_02What we have right here is a prime sampling of Charlton Heston’s 1970s renaissance.The man. In all his ageing, fading glory. The Omega Man is his best flick,  even surpassing “Planet of the Apes”. No one can do a last-martyr-on-earth number like Chuck. But Heston is also a ham. People tend to either love him or hate him. [Read more…]

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