Devil Doll (1964 United Kingdom)

devildollyvonneromaindanceDevil Doll, concerns a killer ventriloquist’s (yes, really) dummy. Why can’t ventriloquist’s ever be humanitarians trying to save the world? Anyway, this is most famously associated with the final segment of Dead Of Night. Dummies have also popped up in films such as Magic (reviewed on this here blog). Such films either concern the descent into madness of the ventriloquist or the demonically possessed doll. Why? Because dummies are creepy. [Read more…]


The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961 United Kingdom)

cursewerewolf By the early 60s director Terence Fisher was still regarded as Hammer’s best director, and his remarkable work here is definitely on par with the previous classics he had made at that point. Fisher puts to great use the lavishly built sets and makes this one of his most beautiful looking films despite the budget constrains, he creates a Gothic atmosphere of impeding doom that suits perfectly Anthony Hinds’ story. [Read more…]

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