All Creatures Great And Small (1978 – 1990 Britain)

acgasJames Herriot came to Yorkshire as a young vet looking for his first job, and despite being Scottish, made the place his own. This classic TV series is full of gorgeous countryside, cosy fireside chats, home cooking and warm nostalgia. It makes you yearn for the 1930s/40s; relaxing in the sitting room while Neville Chamberlain speaks through the wireless. [Read more…]


WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1970 United Kingdom)

1970titlesOne of literature’s greatest love stories and this is the best adaptation I’ve seen so far. A tale of tormented lovers who are destined to be together until the end of time and beyond. “When I’m dead, I think I’ll come haunt you as the sunset. ” – Catherine [Read more…]

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