The Camp On Blood Island (1958 United Kingdom)

Camp-on-Blood-Island-hammer-horror-films-830817_501_383Dig the poster above. Back in the days when they were worth looking at. I love this film. Its really sweet in an old-fashioned, British way. By that I also mean to warn any future viewer to not expect to see Japanese actors actually playing the Japanese roles. This was Hammer Studios after all and their budgets barely even allowed for toilet paper on the set. [Read more…]


STALINGRAD (Antony Beevor)

Children’s_Dance_fountain_in_Stalingrad,_23_August_1942“I admit I find Beevor a bit lightweight,” says Martin in the TV comedy Peep Show. “Yeah, he’s rubbish” Mark agrees, in shock. Martin continues: “he’s fine for an overview.” Mark can’t help himself now. “Yeah, I read him just for the overview. I get the detail elsewhere.” Many a word said in jest, but I didn’t expect these ones to be so true. You see, this author is an English public schoolboy. He was educated at Winchester and Sandhurst so he’s one of the Establishment. The doors of the publishing world are always open to his entitled kind. There will be no rebellious David Irving–type surprises here.
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Where Eagles Dare (1968 Britain)

500px-Where_eagles_dare4This is typical Alistair MacLean, with all the plot twists and set ups that are completely unbelievable, but if you are not expecting anything more it is one of the most enjoyable action flicks of that era. The Ron Goodwin score, very Shostakovitch in tone, is one of the most exhilarating while the sullen dark cinematography adds the atmosphere. [Read more…]

THE NIGHT WATCH (Sarah Waters)

41DEFkZMC4L._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_The story is told in three parts, starting with 1947 and finishing with 1941, so you are starting in the middle. As this novel is character driven, the book isn’t about what will happen (which is what plot-driven books are all about) and tying up loose ends; Waters is concerned with what has happened.
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