The City Of The Dead (1960 UK)

cl1960 was a bumper year for horror cinema – “Psycho” “Black Sunday” “Peeping Tom” & “The House of Usher” etc. This very low budget release is the sort of thing just meant for midnight viewing. “The City of the Dead” has a title that is a little of a misnomer, as we’re dealing here with a small town – a village, really – rather than a city. Alternative title “Horror Hotel” may be more apropos. This setting is a back of beyond kind of place, existing in an absolutely fog – drenched dimension of its own. Time seems to stand still here, or it goes backwards. [Read more…]


Inferno (1980 Italy)

2547Dario Argento’s follow up to Suspiria. It’s a loose sequel that epitomizes both the strengths and weaknesses of its director. It’s probably the weirdest film that Argento ever directed. One thing is certain though – if you require your movies to be plot-driven, coherent and with fully rounded characters then there is a very good chance you will hate this. [Read more…]


51y8KkBmGeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The author is in fine form here. I have read a few books by Ms Rice but this one has made the deepest impression on me to date. This is the tale of the Mayfair witches: from their genesis long ago right up to the present. You won’t find a better witchcraft saga than this. Of course the drama doesn’t end on the last page. Within a crumbling mansion in New Orleans’ Garden District, a woman sits on a rocker, drugged into a vegetative state by her relatives. [Read more…]

SUSPIRIA (Italy 1977)


Dario Argento’s finest, as well as his first film to deal with the supernatural, “Suspiria” maintains its cult following for good reason. Illogical and dreamlike, it’s filmed in rich red, blue and green hues, and the elliptical story is punctuated with several extremely gory (if technically unconvincing) murders. [Read more…]

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