The Witches (1966 Britain)

There are things that keep you watching here, of course; there always are in a Hammer Horror. I particularly liked the depiction of rural village life in the 1960s; it’s picture postcard stuff, the sort of thing to make me nostalgic for a time I never actually knew. After a hell of a start, The Witches, which could indeed have used a more masterful director like Terence Fisher at the helm, slowly loses its grip. The screenplay is from Nigel Kneale, and he was dissatisfied with this film because he intended it to be a dark comedy that poked fun at witchcraft but Hammer wanted a serious horror movie so all comedic touches were removed.  [Read more…]


Night Of The Eagle (1962 United Kingdom)

burnwitch_shot4lNight of the Eagle is a creepy and effective little thriller that benefits from a chilling atmosphere, some good scenes of suspense and some great acting and direction; but doesn’t quite make up for a lack of scope and ambition. The film is based on a novel by Fritz Leiber and is directed by Sidney Hayers. The film was obviously made on a low budget, and as such, is very small scale and mostly focuses on just the two characters, which means that the story lacks variation. But it is solid and knows where it is going throughout. [Read more…]

Rosemary’s Baby (Ira Levin)

Rosemary's Baby by Ira LevinAn intriguing and enjoyable literary experience for me because this is like a social document from 1966 – which was a vastly different social, literary and cinematic age from what now exists. This is more low key and not as emotionally hard hitting as the film, but so what? You will feel like you have been to hell and back by the time this weird story has finished with you. [Read more…]

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