The River Wild (1994 USA)

A family-friendly feminist reboot of Deliverance. Without the sodomy. Damn…I knew something was missing. Maybe director Curtis Hanson suggested that Meryl Streep give up her booty, Ned Beatty–style. Was she willing to take one for the team? Obviously not. Anyway, from the viewpoint of 2017 The River Wild screams 1994. Here’s an action film with no CGI, with the obligatory Spielbergian “marital problems”, the typical “90s son”, typical “architect father” and yet another “Jerry Goldsmith score.” The River Wild proudly rode a then-new trend: the extreme sports/wilderness action film (Cliffhanger and The Edge). [Read more…]


First Blood (David Morrell)

First-Blood_book-coverIf you read this novel expecting a replica of the well-known Sylvester Stallone action classic, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The novel is far better than the film. Each chapter is short and sharp and to the point. David Morrell is one of the best writers I have read and he is definitely the very best I have read from the action genre. [Read more…]

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