Darker Than You Think (Jack Williamson)

williamsondarkerUnusual because it’s a werewolf story that isn’t just a werewolf story. The shape-shifters can take any form they can imagine, such as sabre-tooth tigers, anacondas, and others. And when transformed, they’re invisible, which makes them doubly formidable. Williamson offers a scientific explanation of this lycanthropic phenomena which is unconvincing, but imaginative. His werewolves exist not as a random force of nature, living only to kill and feed; no, they have a higher, more sinister purpose — to rule mankind. [Read more…]


The Howling (1981 USA)

howlin The humour may be the most widely regarded facet of this furry tale. However, in the end this is a horror film, and a damn scary one, largely because it never gets carried away with the comedic elements. Director Joe Dante, who at this point was best known for the cult classic, Piranha, updated werewolf folklore by applying it to two of the more popular horror trends of the time: female paranoia, and the fear of non-urban environments. [Read more…]

The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961 United Kingdom)

cursewerewolf By the early 60s director Terence Fisher was still regarded as Hammer’s best director, and his remarkable work here is definitely on par with the previous classics he had made at that point. Fisher puts to great use the lavishly built sets and makes this one of his most beautiful looking films despite the budget constrains, he creates a Gothic atmosphere of impeding doom that suits perfectly Anthony Hinds’ story. [Read more…]

The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Chronicles) Anne Rice

d459eea0860ca2fdb481b8d63b880d1eAnne Rice is master of re-creating age-old myths and re-presenting them for a modern age. Yet she always manages to avoid the modern day tendency to clean up, water down or make pretty that we often find in other attempts to re-write the gothic horrors. The hero in this book remains a hero even after he’s taken on the personality of a Man Wolf. [Read more…]

THE BEAST MUST DIE (Britain 1974)

beast_must_die_poster_spanishI have a limited amount of internet access now so here’s another review. The Beast Must Die is an unusual film in more ways than one. The studio who made it – Amicus – were well-known almost solely for their portmanteau movies, i.e. a selection of short horror stories connected by a spooky framing narrative. The Beast Must Die is not one of those types of films, instead its story encompasses a full length feature. [Read more…]

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