Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1961 USA)

To those who were reared on pre Star Wars sci-fi, it’s hard to grasp the complaints of the modern audience about old time genre flicks and the effects that reside within. Before George Lucas took sci-fi/cinema watching to a different level, involving pacey violence every other frame, mucho explosions and bloated CGI effects: audiences were happily catered for by solid stories, character development and some inspired special effects (for their time). Enter Irwin Allen’s Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, which boasts all these points mentioned.
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Forbidden Planet (1956 United States)

forbidden_planet_20110730233728What strikes me about this film is that the settings stirs imagination in us about things we subconsciously like to experience. On repeat views I am reminded of its brilliance. Standing apart from other sci-fi films, even contemporary ones, FB evokes cosmic wonder and amazement: an other-worldly sense of adventure and exploration, far removed from Earth. [Read more…]

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