Forrest Gump (1994 USA)

FG seems like it was written by a whole committee of campaigning politicians trying to ingratiate themselves with what they believed was the typical American movie goer. It’s the most hollow, contrived piece of baby-booming, politically correct rube-ish ever projectile vomited onto the public consciousness. The viewer’s intelligence is insulted by the minute. The makers of this slop are saying  no, it’s not just popular entertainment, it’s the stuff that makes up your existence and defines you as a person, and that’s all you need. Hence the embarrassing clips of dead rock stars and presidents. Just to make you feel smug and cosy. [Read more…]


The Deer Hunter (1978 USA)

Deer HunterThis is a little overlong and it could easily have lost 30 minutes (although not all from one place) to give it a tighter feel. Some scenes feel stretched beyond their useful duration leading to the feel that the film wanted to be 3 hours long, rather than being cut back to 3 hours long. Despite this though I still think this is a good film that is a powerful story at it’s heart. Just don’t think it would make it into my Top 50, if I could be bothered making one. [Read more…]

Full Metal Jacket (1987 USA/UK)

full m jFlaming fudge packs. I’m already suffering flash backs. The film that spawned a legendary catchphrase that shames oriental women everywhere. But this review won’t love you long time. I won’t even charge you five bucks for lookee lookee. Like reading a history book, watching an occasional war movie is good for the soul. It puts one’s problems in perspective. But this is the Magical Mystery Tour of war cinema – like Paul McCartney, all Stanley Kubrick did was bung the following onto a pie chart: 1) Basic training. 2) Suddenly in Vietnam and lulled into a false sense of security. 3) A heavy firefight for the denouement. [Read more…]

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