Forrest Gump (1994 USA)

FG seems like it was written by a whole committee of campaigning politicians trying to ingratiate themselves with what they believed was the typical American movie goer. It’s the most hollow, contrived piece of baby-booming, politically correct rube-ish ever projectile vomited onto the public consciousness. The viewer’s intelligence is insulted by the minute. The makers of this slop are saying  no, it’s not just popular entertainment, it’s the stuff that makes up your existence and defines you as a person, and that’s all you need. Hence the embarrassing clips of dead rock stars and presidents. Just to make you feel smug and cosy. [Read more…]


Philadelphia (1993 USA)

Andrew’s father: “We’re incredibly proud of you.” Andrew’s mother: “You get in there and you fight for your rights.” Andrew: “Gee, I love you guys.” This piece of Hollywood trash made limousine liberals feel good about themselves as they virtue signalled to each other from their seats without getting too close to the messy reality this tale should tell. They decided to wear a prophylactic instead of giving it to us au naturel.  And as for Tom Hanks playing a gay man (Andrew) well, he had no idea what he was doing. Denzel Washington should have been the homosexual. With his Freddie Mercury moustache, he certainly looks the part.  [Read more…]

Castaway (2000 USA)

castaway 1A fascinating portrayal of a man cut off from civilization, and when he finally returns to it, he’s just as shipwrecked. This is the type of film Tom Hanks should be winning Oscars for. Because the film rests entirely on his shoulders. And best of all, there’s none of the false optimism that plagued the dumbed down, simplistic Forrest Gump. Hanks plays FedEx Express worker Chuck Noland. He is a man who lives and dies by the clock. Always on the go. [Read more…]

ANGELS AND DEMONS (2010 USA) Film Review

Angels and DemonsThe sense of urgency is what makes this film flow. Tom Hanks goes on his little spiels but each one has a reason. Scooped up late one evening and jetted off to the Vatican, Robert Langdon again finds himself in danger adjacent to history, religion and ancient lore. This is a superior follow up to the ludicrous Da Vinci Code. [Read more…]

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