Shattered (1991 USA)

Wolfgang Petersen directs this suspense thriller with some skill, so most intelligent viewers should be intrigued enough to be seduced by it up till the very end. Even though Shattered has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock movies and the novels of Agatha Christie, it does go a lot further and is far more daring then anything that Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock ever wrote or directed. The reason it seems that so many people are turned off by this motion picture is that it not only went the full nine yards to tell it’s mystery/suspense story with an out of the blue surprise ending, but it goes the entire length of the football field in telling it. [Read more…]


Gettysburg (1993 USA)

GettysburgThere can’t be many better films ever made of the American Civil War, perhaps the best war movie of all time, and possibly one of the best films of all time. The story is historically accurate. Watching “Gettysburg”, you will know everything about the battle. Where the armies marched, who attacked, where the fighting took place etc. Facts are very precise. You will also find out how the chain of command works, from the highest general to the men fighting in the front row. Director Ronald F Maxwell really takes you there. [Read more…]

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