The End of Eternity (Isaac Asimov)

I’ve never had much time for Asimov, partly because of the media hype that surrounds his name. The problem I have with his writing here is that emotional situations seem to be taken to extremes: going from dry clinical detachment to wildly-in-love, blackmailing, murderous and suicidal, without any sort of in-between. Also, for a supposedly thoughtful and incredibly precise guy, his ability to jump to extreme conclusions based on minimal evidence is very jarring. His style is immature and his characters are flat. They are people who are so superficial and tedious that it is hard to care about any of them. So, lets turn to the plot… [Read more…]


Counter-Clock World (Philip K Dick)

counter-clock-worldThe dead are returning to life – deaders – in the least expected way: the space-time continuum has been reversed. Cigarettes grow back when smoked, food is undigested, and a mysterious ubiquitous drug called Sogum is abound. Another strange trip in the mind of Philip K. Dick begins. The standard themes are here: religion, police, drugs. Our protagonist is an “old-born” who operates a business in charge of rescuing deaders from their graves. What makes this special? It’s engaging, approachable, and coherent. [Read more…]

Syncing Forward (W Lawrence)

Ebook-Cover-11-19-2015Despite the slow start to the book, I really enjoyed it. At first I misread the synopsis and thought it was about time travel, so I was expecting something along the lines of Doctor Who. The underlying theme of people’s reliance on technology and the destructive direction humanity is heading was spot-on. The glimpse of what may be in human kind’s future was interesting and well thought out. This is a very different kind of apocalyptic novel.
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TheTimeMachinePreviewThis is one those works that prove the validity of science fiction as serious literature, not just escapist genre adventures. Wells provides us with a warning tale about our decay as a society and our very possible decay as a species. Working with the theory of evolution since the process does not have to mean progressively better species, but may also mean regression. [Read more…]

SOMEWHERE IN TIME (Richard Matheson)

9780312868864I really enjoyed how Matheson pieced this story together, bridging the gulf of years almost seamlessly. When a dying man falls in love with the photograph of a 19th century stage actress, the short remainder of his life suddenly takes on a new meaning. All he knows is that he must be with her, even if it means conquering time itself. [Read more…]

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