Night Gallery (1969–1973 USA)

night-gallery-season-2-billboard-rod-serling-600x300After “Twilight Zone” was canceled Rod Serling’s “The Night Gallery” appeared some years later. It was hosted by Rod Serling himself, a bit older than he looked when he hosted “Twilight Zone” as he walked us through an art gallery replete with strange, demonic, often very intimidating artwork. Each work of art told a story which was the focus of each half-hour episode. The series did very well and it was a more intense follow-up to “Twilight Zone”, which suffered from a rather static and preachy talkiness and far more censorship. Because it was the early 70’s, the episodes of Night Gallery were a tad more uncensored and graphic. [Read more…]


Casting The Runes ( M R James)

When someone with a distinctive voice reads a story, they can bring it alive in a new way. English actor Michael Hordern skips delightfully through this classic tale of the supernatural, first published in 1911, from the king of all ghost story writers: Montague Rhodes James.

Night Of The Eagle (1962 United Kingdom)

burnwitch_shot4lNight of the Eagle is a creepy and effective little thriller that benefits from a chilling atmosphere, some good scenes of suspense and some great acting and direction; but doesn’t quite make up for a lack of scope and ambition. The film is based on a novel by Fritz Leiber and is directed by Sidney Hayers. The film was obviously made on a low budget, and as such, is very small scale and mostly focuses on just the two characters, which means that the story lacks variation. But it is solid and knows where it is going throughout. [Read more…]

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