The Time Machine (1960 USA)

This film is truly a gem. There are problems with it when compared to H.G. Wells’s original story, but many of the additions and changes are actually improvements, in my opinion. The movie is fine without being like the original story. As far as the special effects go, they’re good enough for 1960, but really this film is not about how real it looks. Its about the warmth of the characters and their philosophical curiosity about the future. The tone of this version is innocent and subtle, completely unlike the violently harsh FX extravaganzas of today. [Read more…]


Planet Of The Apes (1974)

POA 1No, this was not a show about the possibilities of ANC rule in South Africa. This had much lower crime stats and more solid infrastructure. Two astronauts end up on earth in the future and befriend a chimpanzee. One of the astronauts is the dark haired, wise-cracking guy, the other one a serious, considerate, blonde guy. Starsky & Hutch in other words. This means that the feeling of doom which the films had is lightened here. (The dude who plays Burke really is a burk with his irritating personality and corny dialogue – I wanted the Apes to shoot the slimy creep but, alas, they never did… not all child hood dreams come true.) [Read more…]

The City and the Stars (Arthur C Clarke)

book coverFrom the moment it begins, with the protagonist playing an immersive, virtual reality, on-line multi-player computer game known as a ‘Saga’, to the famous quotation “No Machine may have any moving parts”, Clarke creates a world that is instantly recognizable to us even though this novel was first published in 1956. [Read more…]

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