Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990 USA)

Despite all the naysayers, this sequel has heart. They say it’s just a cold cash-in to exploit the success of the original. But when it comes to warming my chestnuts around Christmas time, I say this is nearly as much fun as Die Hard (1988). The airport is a familiar and charming setting for the film and the inclusion of setting the story during a blizzard is great. Director Renny Harlin does not reach the standards John McTiernan did in the first tale but he delivers enough mayhem to entertain. And the inclusion of Dennis Franz means comedy gold.
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Targets (1968 United States)

targetsSixties America. Small town. Nothing ever happens. Go to work. Watch TV. Go to a Drive-in. Eat dinner with your family. This is the life portrayed in Targets, a very low budget flick. However, there is something not quite right. We’re never really too sure what it is but there’s something that is disturbed. We may have a terrorist in our midst… [Read more…]

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