Strange And Stranger: The World Of Steve Ditko (Blake Bell)

book-coverWhile other comic book fans enthuse over Jack Kirby’s 1960s work, I always prefer Steve Ditko. His art is somewhat on the quirky side and wasn’t always a good fit for the stories and characters, but when they fit (as they did with both Spider-Man and Dr. Strange) the effect was amazing. Although it’s probably too strong to say there wouldn’t be a Spider-Man without Ditko, without Ditko the Spider-Man we know today would not exist. [Read more…]


Batman (1966 – 1968 USA)

batman 1“Batman” succeeded because Adam West/Bruce Wayne is the ultimate straight man/square. Under all occasions he keeps a serious face. Robin, as played by Burt Ward, is always oozing enthusiasm as Bruce/Batman’s number one fan. I bet Robin’s own family would never recognise him under that most intricate disguise either…but seriously, how can anyone resist the cheese, the catchy theme tune or the comic book graphics and sound effects whenever someone gets tattooed. (Boxing parlance for getting punched) [Read more…]

Batman ( 1989 United States)

batmnBlooming out of the mind of oddball director Tim Burton, this Batman version was one of the first films to introduce the general public to the darker and more psychologically complex world of comic book super-heroes that had replaced the wholesome, square-jawed, morally correct characters of the 1940s and 50s. [Read more…]

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