The Gauntlet (1977 USA)

This motion picture gets a bad rap for it’s implausible story line and outrageous shoot outs, but if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing, it’s a hard one to top. For the sixth time Clint Eastwood does his civic duty as the film’s director and leading man, here sharing the screen with live-in companion Sondra Locke. (This was before a real life drama where he changed the locks on the house they shared when she was away–years after this) The pasty Locke always struck me as a good looking woman, but only if you caught her at just the right angle. [Read more…]


Willard (1971 USA)

hqdefaultThere is no shortage of films about young people who get angry and take revenge via some unethical means – Carrie, Kiss of the Tarantula…the list goes on. But what makes Willard stand out from the rest of the crowd? Well, the answer to that has to be ‘nothing really’, though the film did come out before a lot of the similar films so it deserves some credit for that fact. With its brightly lit scenes and cheesy music I think of this as a Walt Disney ‘horror.’ [Read more…]

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