The Dark Room (Minette Walters)

This book gave my brain cells a real work out. The first page is an attention grabber – two children having underage sex, the girl sullenly pulling up her knickers while taunting the boy’s inability to last more than three minutes. But this fun opening is not the real plot dynamic: a woman wakes up in a hospital with amnesia and is told she tried to kill herself. Also, her friend and her fiance are dead. Did she kill them, or is she being framed? You have to be very alert reading this book, as events are presented out of sequence, and times and dates of actions are important. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? It kept me guessing right up until the end. This is a psychological thriller, where you are invited to be a] the protagonist b] the police inspector and c] the protagonist’s psychiatrist. Got it? [Read more…]


Play Misty for Me (1971 United States)

play-misty-for-me-tcClint Eastwood’s debut as a director is very accomplished, skill-wise. Lots of inventive camera shots and segues to surprise the viewer. While Eastwood is rather flat as the disc jockey victimized by an over-zealous fan, it’s Jessica Walter who steals the picture in a fabulous performance as the sex-obsessed, frustratedly vicious sociopath, Evelyn Draper. [Read more…]

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