The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1968 Canada/USA)

First broadcast on Canadian TV, this is a very strong production, and given that it’s shot on videotape with a period setting mounted on fog-bound studio sets, it all comes off very well indeed thanks to Trevor Williams’ excellent art direction. Horror great Dan Curtis produces here and also shares directing duties with Charles Jarrott. Composer Robert Colbert’s music is properly spooky too, alive with jabs of tense foreboding. But obviously, we’re all here for the mean and mighty Jack Palance, and he is very good as both Jekyll and Hyde. [Read more…]


Listen, Little Man! (Wilhelm Reich)

recihsWhat can a reader make of this? That is not an easy question to answer, you might struggle with it. This book is incredibly extreme rhetoric/propaganda. You can approach this book with or without any prior knowledge of Austrian psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, and you will still probably find it powerful. [Read more…]

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