Craze (1974 Britain)

I’d seen actor Michael Jayston in a couple of things before this and thought he was a good actor. But after seeing his ‘turn’ (as they used to say in our forefathers day) here as a police detective I just thought “what a tosser, they should have got anyone else!” His Detective Sgt Wall character is so thoroughly unlikable and ill mannered that you almost want him to fail to catch the serial killer running amok on his patch. The script for Craze had enough problems before they cast the wrong man in a role the viewer is supposed to sympathize with. [Read more…]


The Brotherhood Of Satan (1971 USA)

brotherhoodofs3This classy underrated film is packed with spooky imagery. The occult scenes are presented in a completely matter-of-fact way as to make them unsettling and extremely effective – particularly the opening sequence involving an army tank crushing a car, the rampage of a devil-doll, a surreal dream sequence (set inside the ice chamber where all the victims are kept, since they can’t be buried), a beheading committed by a horse-riding medieval knight and the lengthy ‘black mass’ finale which culminates in ritual mass suicide. [Read more…]

Race With The Devil (1975 USA)

carAs one informed person stated somewhere on the web “Warren Oates died for our sins.” Indeed, it almost seems that he really did. Warren Oates’ facial expressions are always entertaining, as he often appears as if he’s grimacing in pain. In this drive-in B movie classic there is much pain for him to endure. As for me, I can watch this with a smirk because this is a favourite guilty pleasure of mine. You could say I journey to a place named Prozac-istan. [Read more…]

Rosemary’s Baby (Ira Levin)

Rosemary's Baby by Ira LevinAn intriguing and enjoyable literary experience for me because this is like a social document from 1966 – which was a vastly different social, literary and cinematic age from what now exists. This is more low key and not as emotionally hard hitting as the film, but so what? You will feel like you have been to hell and back by the time this weird story has finished with you. [Read more…]


daemonsGood old Jon Pertwee, the most worried-sounding Doctor of them all. What a distinctive, caring voice he had, like many great British actors of that period. This story is one of the all time classic serials in the never ending sci-fi drama. It’s like someone has poured it through a sieve of Hammer Horror. The result is classy in a very low budget way. [Read more…]

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