Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (1969 United Kingdom)

Intriguing sci-fi entry has enough going for it, that it deserves to be better known. Conceived and produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson of ‘Thunderbirds’ fame, it has a pace so slow that it’s not going to be to all tastes. But patient audience members should appreciate the excellent, colourful visuals and the vibrant cinematography. The special effects are pretty good & the music score is an enjoyable one. This flick provided what the audience of 1969 wanted: a detailed look on the astronauts, their training, preparation, the technical means available to them – make everything as realistic as possible. That was the thing to do, I suppose, if you wanted to entertain people who were witnessing the landing on the moon. [Read more…]


The Invaders (United States 1967/68)

david vThis is probably the best show of its kind. Created by Larry Cohen and produced by Quinn Martin, it features the most popular story in the whole of science fiction – our very own Planet Earth under attack. A fantastic creepy score, magnificent narration and a plot that reveals more diabolical strands with each episode make The Invaders box-set heaven. [Read more…]

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