Night Gallery (1969–1973 USA)

night-gallery-season-2-billboard-rod-serling-600x300After “Twilight Zone” was canceled Rod Serling’s “The Night Gallery” appeared some years later. It was hosted by Rod Serling himself, a bit older than he looked when he hosted “Twilight Zone” as he walked us through an art gallery replete with strange, demonic, often very intimidating artwork. Each work of art told a story which was the focus of each half-hour episode. The series did very well and it was a more intense follow-up to “Twilight Zone”, which suffered from a rather static and preachy talkiness and far more censorship. Because it was the early 70’s, the episodes of Night Gallery were a tad more uncensored and graphic. [Read more…]


The Twilight Zone (1959 to 1964 USA)

nick-of-time-rod-serling2“Submitted for your approval…” A pint-sized, chain smoking man’s clenched teeth intro to a wonderfully hypnotic, thought-provoking and ‘never ceases to amaze’ total quality Drama/Sci-Fi anthology series. This certainly put the one and only Rod Serling on the bigger picture map of television writing and producing, and was done in such a way that certain trends were set through its genre. In its day it was groundbreaking, but the thing which ensures that it maintains its magic even today is that the stories still work- I’d say at least a quarter of them have been ‘borrowed’ for other stories and novels. [Read more…]

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (1972 USA)

conquest2No, this is not an Isis recruitment video although it looks like one with the brightly coloured boiler suits on display. In 1961, writer Rod Sterling was asked “what he’d most like to write about next?” He responded: “I’d like to do a definitive study of segregation, from the Negro’s point of view.” Several years later Sterling would write the screenplay for “Planet of the Apes”, soon turned into a 1968 groundbreaking movie. A “what if the shoe were on the other foot?” parable, the film finds a chauvinistic American astronaut stranded on a planet ruled by apes. Here he’s forced to experience racial discrimination of a type once reserved for blacks. [Read more…]

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