This Is The 700th Post on Highteadreams

And to mark this un-glittering millstone of an occaison, why not mark this non-event with an anonymous sounding instrumental by a band that shall remain namelessly inconsequential?


Move Over Wordsworth

Early on he screams: “Sore was I from the crack of an enemy’s hose…” A few lines later this is followed up with: “Well, I know my banana is older than the rest!..” and that does not sound much less painful either when it comes to lyrical beauty. Paul was so impressed with his words to this track that he included them in a book of his *cough* ‘poetry’. There’s no denying his enthusiasm though. Its rare to hear such scatting, riffing and be-bopping from a white dude. I wonder if Linda resented her husband for being more pretty than she was? 🙂

“She was biting her lip…”

Easy Listening

Cut The Applause And Dim The Light…

White Man’s Reggae

Not Bad For A 69 Year Old

Yes, all the clichés are present and correct for a man born in 1947. This is a cross between “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” and “Free As A Bird” (which he produced) with maybe bits of other Beatle-esque flavours swirling around. But its quite remarkable such an old geezer can still release a very concise, new (well, 2015 is ‘new’ enough for highteadreams) recording with a voice that could pass for a guy in his 40s. (As well as playing all the instruments himself)

My Favourite Alice Cooper Song

This is the only full length version of the 1975 classic from America’s most colourful showman in the rock business. There are two ways to absorb this: 1) a creepy warning from a dangerous hombre lurking in the shadows meant to freak you out. 2) or you can just enjoyable the funky, tongue-in-cheek exaggeration of the ominous sentiment. In other words – theatrical camp. “Welcome to my breakdown” is a great line. I love the spidery acoustic guitar. And its cosy to know that Vincent Price performed on the album too. If only rock was this much fun now.

You Tube Commenters Can Ruin A Song

Why do these youngsters feel the need to go to the songs of my youth and cover the page with “X Box Rock Band brought me here” & “The Latest Cheesy Flick brought me here” & “An Asian Cartoon brought me here.” No one cares. Why Hollywood & video gamers feel the need to use so many old songs is a mystery. None of today’s stuff any good? But the “Need For Speed anyone?” comments on YT would make Trump tear at his comb over. I found a tune (a manly one!) those brainwashed movie fans/gamers have overlooked. The comment section on this has not yet been violated by the usual suspects. Rant over. Enjoy the testosterone.

Geriatric Bad Boys

Bill Wyman maybe made rock history with his juicy bass playing on this. Welcome to Cocaine Junkie aerobics, 1981 style. Mick can barely fit into his Jane Fonda jazzercise T shirt. He is so into this that I bet they didn’t do a second take without paramedics being on standby. Or a vet. None of the guitars are plugged in…Charlie Watts and Bill are watching Mick and Ronnie go through a midlife crisis. Keith just wants to throw up. As usual. My favourite few seconds are between 00.29 and 00.39….Jagger is really trying to get the inner woman to come out of him with some coquette-ish self mockery.  You’re watching sweaty arm pit history here.

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