The Lost Weekend (1945 USA)

The now very famous title is obviously a reference to what can happen to the confirmed alcoholic when they feel compelled by their bodies to embark on the mother of all benders. As this is an addiction – or a disease, however you prefer to label it – gaps in time tend to occur quite frequently. The drunk will not remember nor care about the depths they have sunk to, but director Billy Wilder was able to superbly capture all of the squalor on film for his audience. The Lost Weekend is almost beyond reproach in its sobering message, sending a strong no-preaching tone. It has a wonderful, sometimes offbeat, script, a wide character range underscored by a marvelous supporting cast and an often moving lead in Ray Milland, our lush under the microscope, who does a grand job projecting despair and cynicism. [Read more…]


Frogs (1972 USA)

frogs-2“Today the pond, tomorrow the world!” You’d better believe it baby. Almost a decade after seagulls and crows wreaked havoc on Tippi Hedren’s coiffure in “The Birds” and just one year after “Willard” let his rats do the dirty work, this Nature vs. Man hit came along to continue the legacy (a legacy which would gain even more steam in the wake of “Jaws,” with man thereafter having to fend off every beast and insect imaginable… except for gnats.) [Read more…]

The House In Nightmare Park (1973 Britain)

the-house-in-nightmare-park-frankie-howerd-oakley-court-1973I’m glad you asked. No, don’t laugh. Poor Francis. Thrice nay and nay thrice etc for fans who know of the great man. “I hope your whip shrivels!” is my favourite line from this British Old Dark House comedy fronted by a comedy legend in Frankie Howerd. If you like the formula and have a penchant for Howerd’s type of humour then there’s enough here to entertain you. Watching this I found it hard to keep my titters in, especially the big ones. [Read more…]

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