Something Wicked This Way Comes (Ray Bradbury)

One of my favorite “semi-horror” reads. I suppose it could be called “horror” but it doesn’t fit neatly into the mold. The point of view is that of a boy on the brink of manhood as he gets to know more about certain concepts of “good and evil” than he ever really wanted to…the traveling carnivals that moved from town to town, showing up at county fairs, sets the background for this tale–with their mysterious denizens, noisy rides, lights that filled the night while leaving pockets of darkness. The barkers and their “side shows”, the fixed games of “chance” are now a thing of a bygone era. Bradbury paints such a vivid picture of a now-lost bucolic rural life here as to be almost heartbreaking to contemporary readers.  [Read more…]


The Veldt (read by Leonard Nimoy)

October Country (Ray Bradbury)

bradbury-october-country-uk3His imagination and humanity made his stories reach deep inside us, made us realize who we are, and who we ought to be. Most of the stories deal with children and most of them have gothic, autumn-like settings, even if they don’t actually occur in October. Ray Bradbury writes with a sense of wonder and curiosity and belief that is palpable. Like Neil Gaiman or Anne Rice, he truly brings you into a different world with each story. Like dreaming while awake, you ease into the truth or central issue of each story without realizing it.
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