The Great Escape (1963 USA)

greatescape6-061315By 1963 audiences were becoming bored with re-living heroic World War Two exploits, Teenage filmgoers were too young to remember it and were tired of seeing their dads’ er…’doings’, (yuck! – sorry) which made their own lives feel smaller & duller. But “The Great Escape” depicted a failed breakout from an inglorious captivity. It managed to combine the expected set pieces of tension and ‘doings’ (yuck again!) with an incipient 60’s individualism. [Read more…]


PAPILLON (Henri Charriere)

pappilion2If I could take just ten books to an isolated island paradise, this would be one of them. This tale is so engrossing that you may forget to even eat for the day. To read this classic memoir for the first time is an unforgettable experience. What I want from an author is to take me there. Monsieur Charriere does that and then some! [Read more…]

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