“See these eyes of green…”


His Name’s Larry….

Funny Title, Nice Song

Great Album Cover, Great Song

What else does this standout from the early 80s have going for it? Great bass line, great melody, great saxophone solo, great title, great surrealistic lyrics, great sweaty intensity…

Inspirational Vocals

One Of The Best From 1982

28 Likes 0 Dislikes

The above stat is pretty respectable for You Tube. Yours truly should have pitched in and made it 29 but I couldn’t be bothered signing in. Sting gives you a catchy tune, a great bass riff, lines that rhyme, some political-metaphysical speculations. And if you had five bucks and wanted to buy this single back in 1982, you’d even get some change. Now that’s value for $.

A Pretty Tune

Best Song Of The 90s

A Song To Cool Down To

Yesterday the front page of this blog seemed to go weird. I don’t know why it did or why its back to normal now. Anyway, here is a mellow tune for a moonlit night. He sure had a clear voice. Perhaps the most relaxing song I’ve ever heard. A very dreamy production. Nice.

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