No time for a new review…

So what about musik? (Plus more vids to gradually change the blog’s front page from showing the same old stuff) And what’s better than revisiting an ELO tune while strange women jiggle around? Nothing. Exactly. Even Homer Simpson wouldn’t kick this one off his ipod…


Infinite Tuesday

So what made Nesmith stand apart from his three fellow cast/bandmates? How did he manage not to allow the two years he spent on a TV show about a fake rock band define the 48 years that followed? How did he become the one Monkee it was acceptable to dig? Musician. Actor. Businessman. Producer. Novelist. Philanthropist. Inventor of MTV. Composer. Old Dude. How did he find the time? I was put off by the book cover initially, thinking the normal thing for an autobiography would be an author’s selfie. One would think it would generate more sales and be more eye catching for Monkees/Nesmith fans. [Read more…]

One Of Her Biggest Hits

These Birds Could Sing

A Bitchin’ New Tune (In 1966)

Vogue (Madonna)

I am not a Madonna fan. Her hedonistic egomania is unpleasant. The majority of her music has never satisfied me either but I love this track. She hit the G spot with this one! I feel like I’ve died and gone to some insane fashion extravaganza in New York. Mostly because of that galloping, quivering, descending bass riff. The name-dropping lyrics are a poseur’s dream…

Never Judge A Song By The Callow Youths Who Perform It

I have finally hunted down this version of the Cream’s classic song from 1967. This version came out ten years later by an Irish band. I didn’t want to inflict a video of them in front of your eyes because they all look 16, and the singer has a dildo inside his trousers. (Deep breath) Anyway, back to this track. It kicks Eric Clapton’s effort out of the water, down the stairs & into the gutter. I am slightly creeped out by some of the backing though. I mean in a good way. There are strange sounds here that actually make me tingle and vibrate with anticipation…Oh, please!...don’t laugh.

I Did It Just The Same

An instrumental with vocals. A futuristic scat singing style crossed with a synthesized dark alley-at-night atmosphere. Punctuated by Annie Lennox’s loud “huh” pushed out of her chest, and various “huuuuh” and “hmmmm” sounds. A loud & very precise kind of dance beat. It swirls around plenty of echo effects. Her singing is awesome, perfectly in rythmn with the bass. “Heeeeeeeyyyy, zump zump, boom boo boo boo, ayeeahh, oh boo doo ooooo.” It starts out so gentle with icy percussion and stillness before finally succumbing to its own confusion.

What’s New Pussy Cat (Tom Jones)

p1000347-1(This tune is dedicated to Zac, my 2 year old baby boy.)

I Shot The Sheriff (Orchestra Montego)

This has a bit more of a raucous beat to it. I heard this version as a child and thought it would be easy to find on You Tube. Was I wrong. Ten years of searching later and I found it by chance. It helps if you know the artist’s name. Possibly recorded in a shooting gallery.

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