THE WHITE QUEEN (Philippa Gregory)

9781416563693_p0_v2_s260x420The best part of reading a historical fiction book, about a time in history of which you are mostly ignorant, is that some of it reads like a thriller. Since this book covers the kingdoms of Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III, I had no idea when one would end and another would begin. [Read more…]


THE RED QUEEN: A NOVEL (Philippa Gregory)

cvr9781471128783_9781471128783_hrLet she who is without sin cast the first stone…Henry VII’s mother, and what a scheming mother she is. This poor soul was married thrice and had a son by the ripe old age of 14! But all that rape and ownership by cruel men didn’t crush her ruthless spirit. If you get in the way of this mean queen, she’ll have you pushing up daisies.
[Read more…]

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