Maze Of Death (Philip K Dick)

14 people end up in a settlement called Delmak-O. They don’t know why they are there, but the first arrivals are told to wait for the rest to appear before starting a tape that will contain the answers they so desperately desire. However, once everyone (save one member) has arrived, they find that the tape has been programmed to erase itself as it is played. So begins a tale of death, murder, and insanity. Slowly, surely, each member is murdered somehow… [Read more…]


Mr Spaceship

Counter-Clock World (Philip K Dick)

counter-clock-worldThe dead are returning to life – deaders – in the least expected way: the space-time continuum has been reversed. Cigarettes grow back when smoked, food is undigested, and a mysterious ubiquitous drug called Sogum is abound. Another strange trip in the mind of Philip K. Dick begins. The standard themes are here: religion, police, drugs. Our protagonist is an “old-born” who operates a business in charge of rescuing deaders from their graves. What makes this special? It’s engaging, approachable, and coherent. [Read more…]

Total Recall (1990 USA)

total_recallPaul Verhoeven’s paranoid fantasy `Total Recall’ is a dazzling futuristic sci-fi. The short story by Philip K. Dick is adapted brilliantly, and in many ways is similar to`Blade Runner’. The main difference is that this is more of an adrenalin – pumping audience pleaser, and that’s a good thing. But there are many things that separate this from your average gung-ho action movie. Its bold and brash and I like it for all the wrong reasons, but who cares? [Read more…]

The Man In The High Castle (Philip K Dick)

bookThe alternate universe in which the Axis has won World War II just doesn’t feel right to its inhabitants. Could it be the prevailing Nazi ettiquette, the new social classification, or is it something altogether deeper? If you enjoy novels about World War II where the writer imagines different scenarios to those that actually took place, or indeed if you like “What ifs” about any historic event, then The Man in the High Castle may not disappoint you. [Read more…]

A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick)

4798509311_fa145ba0c2The work of a mature writer – and is as close as the author came to writing a mainstream novel. The sci-fi elements are discreet: the novel is set in the future, but this is the California of an imagined 1994 that is very similar to that of 1977, which is this book’s original year of publication. [Read more…]


BLADE_RUNNER_ANIM_G_BURLEYHow much has the world changed since 1982? Life seemed to make more sense. But our minds were unconsciously drifting away from reality, whilst reality slowly made its way towards the visions of this powerful film. ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’, written by Phillip K Dick, was adapted to the screen by English director Ridley Scott into ‘Blade Runner’. [Read more…]

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