Krull (1983 Britain)

krull3I think this was filmed for the fun of it, and no one expected riches or cheap gold awards. After all, the early 80s produced many tacky, escapist adventures. As the years pass I find Star Wars more of an overblown embarrassment, but this overlooked effort from director Peter Yates is still growing on me. There is something honest and spirited about this film. [Read more…]


BULLITT (1968 United States)

8767The first lone-wolf cop story plays by the rules of the genre it spawned, featuring a charismatic, outsider type who carries a badge and an attitude directed as much against the egos and hubris of his superiors as against the criminal element. [Read more…]

The Deep (1977 USA/UK)

lesgrandszfonds Not off the deep end judging by some of my recent posts. This is not as shallow as some may suspect either. (applause) What the hell is Le Grands Fonds anyway? I speak English, not Greek. Here is the cinematic version of Peter Benchley’s novel. Producer Peter Guber boasted about Jacqueline Bisset’s clingy, wet, white top: “That T shirt made me a very rich man.” She was paid $200,000 to flaunt her body and it worked. Big time. For the studio suits that is, not the actress. From a 9 million dollar budget this film grossed over $47 million at the time. [Read more…]

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