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I’m Looking Through YouTube (For Funny Beatles comments)

beatles-1969Some people’s favourite band have always generated vast amounts of personal opinion from the public. It seems inexhaustible and I am guilty of adding to it here. Paul gets bashed the most, but I found insults aimed at all four. OK, most people tend to overlook Ringo because of his limitations. Yes, it can be much fun to read strangers opinions on all this analyzing of Liverpool’s Fab Three (+ Ringo)…with add – ons from this blogger. [Read more…]



Tell the voyeurs (sorry, readers 🙂 ) about a surprising question from the lady in Kazakhstan  You mean Farida? It was in my spam, naturally. She was a forty year old mother of three. Anyway, she discovered her hubby had been secretly filming her in the bathroom and sharing it online. She asked me what she should do about it. [Read more…]

Book Tag: Reading Habits Tag


I have been tagged by Dr Babus from the wonderful blog ajoobacats to answer the following questions.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?  The lazy boy chair beside my bed. If the sun is out then I might use the wooden seats in the back garden. [Read more…]

The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger Tag


I was surprised to find I had been ‘tagged’ to answer eleven questions. Thank you Ana (hope the weather’s nice in Portugal 🙂  ) over at the wonderful Ana’s Lair for nominating me to do this. You have a great blog and are very thoughtful in your reviews! OK, let’s get into it… [Read more…]

BEAUTY ( A Ramble)

5413625317_c2796a7564_mThere is a powerful connection between beauty and healing … But I don’t think it is immediately obvious. I think about what beauty can do in our lives. First, it can open us up to our sense of immortality and our sense of eternity. [Read more…]

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