Tell the voyeurs (sorry, readers 🙂 ) about a surprising question from the lady in Kazakhstan  You mean Farida? It was in my spam, naturally. She was a forty year old mother of three. Anyway, she discovered her hubby had been secretly filming her in the bathroom and sharing it online. She asked me what she should do about it. [Read more…]


In The Dark (Richard Laymon) Book Review

inthedarkJane is a new librarian in the sleepy town of Donnerville, a place where little happens. One day while working, Jane finds an envelope on her desk containing $50 and a note that reads “Look Homeward, Angel”. Directing Jane to a Thomas Wolfe novel of that name, she opens the book to find another envelope containing a $100 bill.  The note is signed by a person only known as “The Master of Games”.

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