The Wonderful World Of Henry Sugar (Roald Dahl)

Roald Dahl had that galvanic ability to emotionally penetrate the reader, giving his tales a unique intimacy. We feel as if we’ve gone through the experience inside his characters bodies. Even when he’s writing about dark subject matter there is always a sense of wonder. His stories are grounded in a real compassion, whether his target audience are children or adults. This collection of six are for teens and adults, not children. And they are not all fiction! So, without further ado, here is a basic list of what you get for your library card: [Read more…]


Infinite Tuesday

So what made Nesmith stand apart from his three fellow cast/bandmates? How did he manage not to allow the two years he spent on a TV show about a fake rock band define the 48 years that followed? How did he become the one Monkee it was acceptable to dig? Musician. Actor. Businessman. Producer. Novelist. Philanthropist. Inventor of MTV. Composer. Old Dude. How did he find the time? I was put off by the book cover initially, thinking the normal thing for an autobiography would be an author’s selfie. One would think it would generate more sales and be more eye catching for Monkees/Nesmith fans. [Read more…]

Alive (Piers Paul Reid)

On Friday, October 13, 1972 a Fairchild F-227, chartered from the Uruguayan Air Force, carrying a young amateur rugby team and their families and friends from Uruguay, slammed into the middle of the remote Andes Mountains in Argentina…This is a legendary book that shook the conscience of the world in the 1970s. And now, 45 years on from the tragedy, this non-fiction work still makes for compelling reading. Forty five passengers and the crew were on the plane before it crashed. Only sixteen of the passengers left the mountain alive. [Read more…]

Into The Cannibal’s Pot (Ilana Mercer)

If you are a typical brainwashed liberal don’t read this. Because your CNN/Hollywood/To Kill A Mockingbird/Kumbaya view of the world will be shaken and severely stirred. This book reveals what happens when an advanced nation built by European people, upon Christian principles, is deceived by the Cultural Marxist dream of racial egalitarianism. And in the name of “justice” and “liberty” surrenders political power to an African majority that has never shown the capacity to create or sustain a free, just, and civilized society. [Read more…]

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account Of The Mt Everest Disaster (John Krakauer)

book-coverA great adventure story worth reading. On May 10 -11, 1996 a blizzard struck Mount Everest on the day when numerous individuals and groups were attempting to ascend the mountain. Eight people died that day, making it, at the time, the deadliest day in the mountain’s history. Written by a journalist, one of the strengths of the book is actually it’s lack of journalistic detachment. The author was there that day, on assignment from Outside magazine to write a story on the climb and watched several of the people he knew and became friends with, die. [Read more…]

The Creature From Jekyll Island (G Edward Griffin)

attaque-fed-jim-sinclairThe crime of not only the century but the millenium was perpetrated in 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was created and it has been performing a constant rape of the United States ever since. It has even grown to take over the entire world’s money supply. You will be astonished to read the way it was done and the bitter, vile consequences of this ghastly creation. Again, do not read this book if you want to continue the illusion that you are free. [Read more…]

Krakatoa: The Day The World Ended: August 27, 1883 (Simon Winchester)

krakatoaOne of the great events in the history of the 19th century. It was exactly 10:02 a.m. on Monday, August 27, 1883 when the small volcanic island of Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra blew itself out of existence with an explosion that was heard thousands of miles away and that resulted in the deaths of over 36,000 people. That eruption is believed to be the loudest sound ever heard by human ears. [Read more…]

The Road Less Travelled (M Scott Peck)

road-less-travelledPeck was a clinical psychiatrist – the material for this book came largely from his experiences with clients and others, seeing what worked and what didn’t, what was missing and what was misunderstood. Often cases involved psychotherapy, but the processes here are not confined to therapists’ offices. The same kinds of problem solving, processing and relationship building that takes place in psychotherapy can be used as life-long tools. The author is unveiling a stoic philosophy with just a touch of 1970s arrogance. [Read more…]

The Daughters Of Juarez (Teresa Rodriguez, Diana Montané)

daughters-of-juarez-9780743292047_hrWhat did I learn from this book? Don’t go to Juarez if you are a woman. Young women, many of them indigent factory workers, are being killed in a serial murder fashion, their bodies dumped in the desert.  Hundreds more are missing. Considering how close the US border is to the killing ground there has been very little coverage in the Western media about this. There is little doubt that the police, and possibly other government officials, have a hand in the reign of terror. Crime scenes are contaminated and vital evidence ‘lost.’
[Read more…]

Listen, Little Man! (Wilhelm Reich)

recihsWhat can a reader make of this? That is not an easy question to answer, you might struggle with it. This book is incredibly extreme rhetoric/propaganda. You can approach this book with or without any prior knowledge of Austrian psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, and you will still probably find it powerful. [Read more…]

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