The Children Of The Stones (1977 UK)

children of the stonesWhat an oddity, this seven part Harlech Television series was. Initially aimed at a school going audience, but there are some unsettling themes at large here. Some perhaps too dark, even the title sequence with its deeply unsettling choral vocalizations (while seemingly perfect for the subject matter) does seem out of place for their target audience. It draws on many areas of Horror and Sci-fi that came before. [Read more…]


Chariots Of The Gods: Was God An Astronaut? (Erich von Daniken)

chariotsMy miserable old mum first brought this book to my attention. The 1960s and the 1970s produced an alarming amount of attention on “unsolved mysteries” such as the Yeti, the Bermuda Triangle, the lines on the Nazca plains, as well as UFOs. Enter Erich Von Daniken in 1967/68…tons of books and documentaries and TV shows focused heavily on the trail he blazed though many seemed just a little trite. [Read more…]

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