Seven Deaths In The Cat’s Eye (1973 Italy)

seven-deaths-in-the-cats-eyes-1973-antonio-margheriti No prizes for guessing which actor is the star of this flick. I’ll give you a clue. He or she ain’t human. A very unusual kind of giallo film, taking place as it does not in modern times, but rather in what appears to be the early 20th century. Is it a giallo or is it a Gothic murder mystery with a high body count? Who cares when a picture is as fun as this one. [Read more…]


I Madman (1989 USA)

i-madman-scream-factoryA young woman, Virginia, is obsessed with reading bloody horror novels. She recently discovered the oeuvre of a bizarre but stylish writer named Malcolm Brand. His book “I, Madman” fascinates her, describing the acts of a horribly deformed doctor who kills people in order to make an actress fall in love with him. But fiction turns into reality when Virginia finds herself chased by the book’s eerie doctor. [Read more…]

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