The Man Who Would Be King (1975 UK)

man The greatest “buddy film” of all time. What makes this so? Firstly, casting two real life friends, Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Second, other “buddy films” are comedies. And while the Man Who Would Be King has some laughs in it, Connery and Caine bounce off of each other almost as good as Pete n Dud. The story itself is a drama. And what a drama it is! [Read more…]


SLEUTH (1972 Britain)

sleuth01This is a two-man tour de force stage play presented on film, shot mostly at a famous English 15th century Tudor manor house called Athelhampton Hall. You could say this fab property is the third actor here. Owned when this film was made by Sir Robert Cooke, then a member of the UK Parliament. [Read more…]

THE IPCRESS FILE (1965 Britain)

14634d207d5892fefe592b68c23fc64dWhen I first watched this I was half disappointed. Can’t remember why, but at a guess I’d say I was expecting something more glossy. Now I would hate for this film to be “glossy”. It is what it is. And it improves with repeat viewing.
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