Hour Of The Wolf (1968 Sweden)

377e5ed6652c3d56fb7e2c38d07cbc56I’ll start by saying I’m not that familiar with the work of director Ingmar Bergman. I found this film, at times, frustrating to sit through. But it still had some mesmeric pull over me. It wasn’t the characters or plot, but the striking images, gloomy Gothic setting, eerie atmosphere and its fine details. Pretty depressing is one way to put it though. [Read more…]


AMARCORD (Italy 1973/74)

0f30f03b9e25e702ff4d2b387f07ef8aTranslated as ‘I Remember’, the great Italian director Federico Fellini’s Amarcord is a series of slowly paced comedic vignettes that look back at his childhood in a 1930’s coastal town. Apart from the intertwining inhabitants, there is nothing thematically or even tonally linking the stories together. Much like memory itself, this requires patient sifting by the viewer. [Read more…]

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