MARILYN MONROE (Norman Mailer)

m-marilyn_monroe_mailer_relie_11aWe all know the tale by now. Behind the effortless cartoony-sexy fun were 63 takes, ten nervous breakdowns, not much love, and enough antidepressants to make even Robin Williams blush. I’d say read it as fiction or possibly a fictionalized story. It’s interesting (anything about Marilyn tends to be) but maybe check your facts in a couple of places? But this one is a winner thanks to some of the naughty pictures on display. I’m only kidding but there must be a reason why photographer Bert Stern gets a massive credit on the cover. [Read more…]


Cat Girl (1957 United Kingdom)

033(Happiness is a warm…)

A blogger’s work is never done.  I’ve wiped the flour off my apron and lifted up my under-frock to let you have a perv at my new baby. Please read on while I go into post- review depression. On July 20 1957 British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan uttered these words: “Let’s be frank about it, some of our people have never had it so good.” By the time I was born a decade later the good was running out fast and my family emigrated to the colonies. But it must have been nice to be a teenager in the 50s and 60s. [Read more…]

THE MISFITS (1961 United States)

Marilyn-Monroe-on-the-set-of-The-Misfits-3On one hand we have the female sex symbol of them all giving her all – on the other side of the ledger  – we have a man named Gay. And he was the biggest male sex symbol of his era, an era where rugged men were called… Gay. And to think Montgomery Clift was in this too but he was lucky enough to be named Perce. [Read more…]

SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959 United States)

Marilyn-Monroe-As-Sugar-Kane-Kowalczyk-In-Some-Like-It-HotIf you’ve never seen it, it’s going to feel like something you’ve seen a hundred times before. And you probably have, but it was done here first. To be successful, two guys dress up as women, and then one falls for a real woman (Marilyn Monroe) — so how does he tell her without her hating him for keeping the secret? [Read more…]

NIAGARA (1953 United States)

slip 2 Marilyn Monroe NiagaraFor me, Monroe has almost always been little more than a collection of curves and breathy sighs, a style-less singer and an extremely limited actress. But she had that rare ability to reach an audience through the camera, making us forget there is a camera there at all. [Read more…]

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