A Magical Tune


The Journey To Ixtlan (Carlos Castenada)

“We only have two alternatives: we either take everything for sure and real, or we don’t. If we follow the first, we end up bored to death with ourselves and with the world. If we follow the second and erase personal history, we create a fog around us, a very exciting and mysterious state in which nobody knows where the rabbit will pop out, not even ourselves.” Yes, I would like to think these ‘teachings’ are real. No, I don’t think they apply to all of us in particular. We are all so very different and unique that nothing is truly the same for any us.  [Read more…]

Krull (1983 Britain)

krull3I think this was filmed for the fun of it, and no one expected riches or cheap gold awards. After all, the early 80s produced many tacky, escapist adventures. As the years pass I find Star Wars more of an overblown embarrassment, but this overlooked effort from director Peter Yates is still growing on me. There is something honest and spirited about this film. [Read more…]


SwitchedSo this is what teenagers read? I was expecting something thoroughly smutty but it is squeaky clean. What a relief. There is a very definite sense that this is the first in a trilogy. The basic plot is pretty simple, and usually used as a set-up to the main story, but somehow having it as a single book really worked. [Read more…]

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