“This is a serious matter…”

What an amazing saxophone solo in this track! Its the searing sound of someone’s soul shaking and shrieking. Or maybe some other experience with less words that begin with s.


“We Torked and torked unteel it wos light…”

“…why doa feel dis payen, I fought we torked eet aht.” The most Cockney band ov em all, guv. They showed us a good music vid did not need to cost an arm or a leg. They could be churned out as cheap as chips down at your local Arm & Leg. What better pub band in Britain was there than Madness? And who else had a lead singer with the genius name of Suggs? His angry twitching and jerking is probably the most threatening stage act of any singer ever. That bobbing forehead gets awfully close to the cameraman. Its nearly a Liverpool kiss.

Hour Of The Wolf (1968 Sweden)

377e5ed6652c3d56fb7e2c38d07cbc56I’ll start by saying I’m not that familiar with the work of director Ingmar Bergman. I found this film, at times, frustrating to sit through. But it still had some mesmeric pull over me. It wasn’t the characters or plot, but the striking images, gloomy Gothic setting, eerie atmosphere and its fine details. Pretty depressing is one way to put it though. [Read more…]


hhh3A bit about Miss Jackson might be in order, as the woman accurately reflected her writings. Jackson wrote “The Lottery,” the most controversial story ever published by The New Yorker Magazine. She was married to a teacher and had four children. Jackson was a devoted mother, interested in magic and witchcraft, and by all accounts a delightful hostess and witty conversationalist. [Read more…]

The Shining (1980 UK/USA)

28FCA14400000578-3093033-image-m-70_1432739012325Stanley Kubrick’s cinema is, usually, a sight to behold. The cold detachment his films are famous for works really well for this particular story. Who needs much fancy dialogue anyway? We get the adventurous camera that prowls through the lavish corridors of the Overlook Hotel like it is some kind of mystic labyrinth rife for exploration. [Read more…]

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