Around The World In 80 Days (USA 1989)

You should know the plot and shame on you if that’s not the case. A 3 part TV miniseries rendition with an all-star cast. There are many cameos and bit parts by so many top actors from back in the day. (Darren McGavin as Mudge was the most pleasing surprise for me) There are some scenes that are not in the book, but they didn’t bother me as they were just as entertaining as the ones that were. Filming on location in Germany, England, Yugoslavia, Macau, and Thailand, adds a lot of grandeur to the series that it otherwise would have lacked. [Read more…]


From The Earth To The Moon (Jules Verne)

What makes From the Earth to the Moon so enjoyable is it’s sheer earnestness. Entire chapters are filled with debates about figures and equations. Verne loves to write about all the details of his little thought experiment. This is very clearly his fantasy, and had he the money, I could imagine him attempting something like this. There are some charming details. For example, they launch from southern Florida, which at the time was a large swamp with forts to guard against the indians. Also, when packing their capsule for provisions, they load up 50 gallons of brandy, because that’s how a gentleman spaceman travels.  [Read more…]

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Jules Verne)

jules verneLord, would I love my own private Nautilus. (Sigh) Maybe next Christmas…Captain Nemo is every bit as deep and unfathomable as the oceans he commands. Of course, submarines are something which we tend to take for granted nowadays, but the atmosphere Jules Verne weaves had me just as mesmerized as the professor, when he’s shown around the Nautilus for the first time. I would recommend buying a suitably edited version for pre-teens and would recommend the original for adults, who will get more out of the complex central character, while enjoying a good adventure story. Just don’t expect a fast pace. It takes its time.
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AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (audio book read by Jim Dale)

A great audio book: Jim Dale is a fabulous narrator, giving each character a distinct voice which lends even more colour to this already colourful story. It is amazing how the use of special effect sounds and the right music can conjure up the scenes in my mind. What a versatile voice! There is no dull monotone here, no character/accent beyond his vocal range. [Read more…]

Mysterious Island (1961 UK/USA)

mysterious-islandA vivid re-telling of the Jules Verne novel, with changes made necessary by the change to the medium of film. The women do not appear in the book. A love interest was necessary. Perhaps I should say a thigh interest, judging by Beth Rogan’s lack of modest dress here. [Read more…]


2287204First published in 1864 but it doesn’t seem a day over a hundred years old. Jules Verne must be the most enjoyable author France has ever produced. Well, for those of us who like simple adventure tales that our inner child can get lost in. [Read more…]

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