Domain (James Herbert)

This novel is better in every way than its predecessors and could be read as a stand alone. However, reading all three gives you the ongoing story of the evolution of the Rats and the twists this takes are genuinely shocking. Herbert’s style may be a bit pulpy for some and some of his characters nothing more than stereotypes but like many enjoyable Hollywood films, what it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in high impact thrills. The author has added a little more depth and intrigue to the characters, missing in the first two, this time round.
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Lair (James Herbert)

Even rats relocate to the country. Epping Forest in this case…I have a weakness for stories where animals or insects turn on humans. This is Part 2 of his Rat trilogy of books and it still holds up well nearly 40 years later. Along with Stephen King, Herbert was an innovator and modernizer of the horror novel. Its no coincidence the pair published their first book the same year, just on different sides of the pond. But there is a character in Lair that might be an insight into James Herbert’s real dark side – what if he had not become a success as a writer? Might he have turned into the gym teacher character I’ll bring up later in this review? [Read more…]

Fluke (James Herbert)

FlukeThis novel concerns the adventures of a mongrel dog who has memories of his former life as a man. I connected very emotionally with his struggle, and found the 224 pages sweeping by me. There is plenty of humour as well to balance out the tears. Most fiction (books or on screen) about dogs usually has the audience weeping at some stage. I admit I did. [Read more…]

HAUNTED (James Herbert)

the-secret-of-crickley-hall-by-james-herber‘Haunted’ is another of James Herbert’s more ‘concise’ thrillers, along the lines of ‘The Rats’ and ‘The Magic Cottage’. Despite its relative directness, the action tends to drag in places for the first two-thirds of the book. [Read more…]

THE RATS (James Herbert)

61TsFHNfdoL._SL300_I am a simple fool, so no wonder I like this book. And a plot rarely gets simpler than this. Mr Herbert’s first book follows an outbreak of mutated giant rats in London, with most of the (early) action focused around the Docklands. The novel is reasonably short at just under 200 pages and the action proceeds at a rapid pace. There isn’t time to get bored during this! [Read more…]

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