War Gods Of The Deep (1965 UK/USA)

Also known as City Under The Sea but I prefer the above title. Ah, the good old days of sci-fi/fantasy flicks: watching well dressed men sit around sipping Brandy in a study (walnut panelling of course) while the rocket/ship/sub/plane is carrying them to an amazing destination or fate. Taking its theme from an Edgar Allan Poe poem, with an interesting screenplay by Charles Bennett, this fantasy picture packs thrills, weird monsters, a lively pace and fantastic scenarios–all located undersea obviously. The film also seems to be a scrapbook of ideas from other, better, movies like the Roger Corman Poe films, and The Time Machine.
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NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1957 Britain)

night-of-the-demon-the-demonFifty eight years later and this is still riveting. Not many 1950s horror films you can say that about. Not many were made back then! It’s most memorable aspect is the particular enthusiasm it has in using light and shadow to create mood and effect. A stellar cinematic treasure. Jacques Tourneur’s greatest achievement. This film has a lot going for it:  [Read more…]

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