HAUNTED (James Herbert)

the-secret-of-crickley-hall-by-james-herber‘Haunted’ is another of James Herbert’s more ‘concise’ thrillers, along the lines of ‘The Rats’ and ‘The Magic Cottage’. Despite its relative directness, the action tends to drag in places for the first two-thirds of the book. [Read more…]


The Legend Of Hell House (1973 UK)

catOn a first watch this is a very unsettling motion picture. The synthesized ‘score’ just creeps me to the bone every time, very effective, much more than straight music would have been; totally ahead of its time. It feels like some kind of un-natural percussion is performing drum fills inside my stomach. Yikes! I have seen this so many times but I still have to look away from the screen during the ‘ectoplasm’ scene (“leave a sah-mple in the jah, please”) though to get to the end of this film without flinching a number of times is difficult. [Read more…]

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