The House On The Borderland (William Hope Hodgson)

Writing as he did at the beginning of the 20th century, Hodgson’s creativity in the realm of supernatural horror is impressive given what few authors preceded him in the genre. He actually broke new ground in horror fiction. Moving beyond the ghost stories which had, for the most part, made up the genre before him, he created landscapes and creatures that are gigantic in their physical and temporal dimensions. His universe is far older and larger than human and earth-centered histories allow, and subject to forces and intelligence completely removed from human concerns or anthropomorphized deity. H P Lovecraft was an admirer and its probable that his infamous Cthulu mythos creations were based on Hodgson’s ideas.
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A Colourful Motion Comic

The Dunwich Horror (USA 1970)

I reviewed this on April 30, 2015. Now I’m doing it again. Before you steal a forbidden grimoire from a library and writhe nude on a Druid’s altar, hear me out. Why revamp an old post? Because its there! What I love about the Dunwich Horror is that its an overly long episode of Night Gallery. Lovecraft’s stories, with their references to tentacles and other undulating protuberances coming in and out of things at all angles, were certainly sexual – in a mad way – but they were never sexy. He would have hated this sexing up of his story but who cares? This is a unique work: where else will you see a feminist raped to death by a male chauvinist cabbage from an outré dimension? Exactly. Plus the ocean is used throughout as symbolic of timelessness and eternity, and Wilbur Whately’s Twin’s presence is made known by a combo of a heart beating audio clip and the sound of water slushing. Its quite groovy. [Read more…]

At The Mountains Of Madness (H P Lovecraft)

LovecraftThis author’s Achilles heel was dialogue, no doubt about that. However, At The Mountains of Madness has none, therefore it is simply page after page of what Lovecraft does best: narrate. He put together so many ideas, including a mythos that many writers today continue to use. As for this 110 page story – its  frightening, as the setting is so lonely. [Read more…]

THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (Dark Adventure Radio Theatre)


I don’t know who the individual members of the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre are but it is obvious they are hugely enthusiastic fans of H P Lovecraft. I find it difficult to sleep at night without an audio book playing at my bedside so I bought this cd…. [Read more…]

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