The Time Machine (1960 USA)

This film is truly a gem. There are problems with it when compared to H.G. Wells’s original story, but many of the additions and changes are actually improvements, in my opinion. The movie is fine without being like the original story. As far as the special effects go, they’re good enough for 1960, but really this film is not about how real it looks. Its about the warmth of the characters and their philosophical curiosity about the future. The tone of this version is innocent and subtle, completely unlike the violently harsh FX extravaganzas of today. [Read more…]


The First Men In The Moon ( H.G. Wells)

Oh, for the good old days when men believed that the moon was inhabited by “Selenites” who lived in deep caves underground! If your only knowledge of this book is the 1964 motion picture, this novel will surprise you. This is no romantic comedy, although there are humorous moments. H.G. Wells, in his The First Men in the Moon takes two Englishmen, the eccentric inventor Cavor, and the ne’er-do-well Bedford, to the moon in a spherical spaceship using an antigravity substance called Cavorite. Fortunately for these ill-prepared astronauts, the moon has plenty of oxygen, so they don’t need a spacesuit with breathing apparatus.  [Read more…]

The Red Room (H. G. Wells)

War Of The Worlds (1953 USA)

the-war-of-the-worlds-1953-film-images-27b04727-755e-41e3-af8d-736bf4e1264H.G.Wells’ The War Of The Worlds remains a terrifying novel, and 2 adaptations of it have justifiably passed into popular culture, the Orson Welles 1938 radio show which convinced many Americans that creatures from Mars actually were invading Earth & Jeff Wayne’s 1978 musical album, which still holds up today. Then there’s this 1950s cinematic version which blows away Spielberg’s waste- of- time- and- money 2005 version. *Spoilers ahead* [Read more…]

The Island Of Dr Moreau ( H G Wells)

book cover No authors today can compete with the classic authors, by which I mean anyone who lived anytime before the Second World War. If you give a story written a century or more ago you’re time and attention, you will discover a world of charm and morality that you will not find in any modern writer around today. No matter how many copies J K Rowling sells she will never hold a candle to Charles Dickens. Excellent writers from the 19th and early 20th centuries had a resonance that is eternal. [Read more…]


TheTimeMachinePreviewThis is one those works that prove the validity of science fiction as serious literature, not just escapist genre adventures. Wells provides us with a warning tale about our decay as a society and our very possible decay as a species. Working with the theory of evolution since the process does not have to mean progressively better species, but may also mean regression. [Read more…]

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