The Red Room (H. G. Wells)


War Of The Worlds (1953 USA)

the-war-of-the-worlds-1953-film-images-27b04727-755e-41e3-af8d-736bf4e1264H.G.Wells’ The War Of The Worlds remains a terrifying novel, and 2 adaptations of it have justifiably passed into popular culture, the Orson Welles 1938 radio show which convinced many Americans that creatures from Mars actually were invading Earth & Jeff Wayne’s 1978 musical album, which still holds up today. Then there’s this 1950s cinematic version which blows away Spielberg’s waste- of- time- and- money 2005 version. *Spoilers ahead* [Read more…]

The Island Of Dr Moreau ( H G Wells)

book cover No authors today can compete with the classic authors, by which I mean anyone who lived anytime before the Second World War. If you give a story written a century or more ago you’re time and attention, you will discover a world of charm and morality that you will not find in any modern writer around today. No matter how many copies J K Rowling sells she will never hold a candle to Charles Dickens. Excellent writers from the 19th and early 20th centuries had a resonance that is eternal. [Read more…]


TheTimeMachinePreviewThis is one those works that prove the validity of science fiction as serious literature, not just escapist genre adventures. Wells provides us with a warning tale about our decay as a society and our very possible decay as a species. Working with the theory of evolution since the process does not have to mean progressively better species, but may also mean regression. [Read more…]

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