Shattered (1991 USA)

Wolfgang Petersen directs this suspense thriller with some skill, so most intelligent viewers should be intrigued enough to be seduced by it up till the very end. Even though Shattered has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock movies and the novels of Agatha Christie, it does go a lot further and is far more daring then anything that Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock ever wrote or directed. The reason it seems that so many people are turned off by this motion picture is that it not only went the full nine yards to tell it’s mystery/suspense story with an out of the blue surprise ending, but it goes the entire length of the football field in telling it. [Read more…]


Cotton Mary (1999 France/UK/USA)

greta-scacchi-cotton-mary-celebrity-posing-hot-topless-nude-4(This post is dedicated to the shamelesscelebrities website) Lead actress on display, Greta Scacchi, although an introverted performer verbally, certainly qualifies as a shameless celebrity. Not that I’m complaining, but throughout the 1980s and 90s she could usually be relied upon to “get em out.” That’s what directors demanded of her and she never let them down. Despite some of the arty productions she appeared in, her nubile body became her calling card. And fortune. Since then Kate Winslet has carried on the mantle of an actress whom we lucky viewers get to see as much of as her gynaecologist does. When these type of actresses get older they usually keep their clothes on and decry their earlier birthday suit sagas as examples of male directors “oppressing” them mixed with naiveté . Yeah, right.  [Read more…]

The Coca-Cola Kid (1985 USA)

YooniqImages_102407030  Ooh you handsome devil! Julia, eat your heart out.

(This review is in no way sponsored by Coca Cola or the Coca Cola bottling company) Now that’s out of the way… Strewth! Gidday mate and put another shrimp on the barbie etc. This is the ugly face of American Imperialism. When company trouble-shooter Becker (Eric Roberts) declares, “The world will not be truly free until Coke is available everywhere,” he’s speaking without irony. We have been warned. This story is about Becker’s attempts to help Coca-Cola colonize Australia, 198os – style. [Read more…]

The Odyssey (1997 USA )

The-Odyssey-1997A decent cast and some tight writing make this a pretty good spectacle. Poor Odysseus (Armand Assante). He spends ten years fighting for the Greeks in the Trojan War, and it takes him another nine years to survive the return trip and reach his kingdom in Ithaca. As Supertramp might say, he took “the long way home.” [Read more…]

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