People Of The Lie: The Hope For Healing Human Evil (M Scott Peck)

People Of The LieOur ultimate personality disorder. This author really did everyone a service by giving us this gift. This is worth 100 ‘self help’ paperbacks by Wayne Dyer and his ilk. This book will question your character. Oh boy, does this describe so much of humanity. Particularly certain parents and the way they cover up their abuse. In this book you will meet a couple who encouraged both their sons to commit suicide. And they refused to admit it when confronted with the facts. The build up to their-hoped-for suicide of the second son is particularly shocking. In fact it is no good even reviewing this classic work. I shall just quote extensively from it. I hope it will give you the flavour even though some of the psychiatric case back stories are missing, so possibly some of the meaning may be out of context but its worth it…. [Read more…]


A DEFINITION OF GOD (Peter Deunov 1864 -1944)

b3bfba3ed771efddb9cc6ec5dd7999ecMy 150th post, (not really – about 25 have been deleted so I would have reached this point some time ago) and here are some inspiring words about the author of our life and universe from a spiritual giant. He was the founder of The White Brotherhood movement, based in Bulgaria, whose message has spread throughout the world. [Read more…]

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